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Re: X.Org Hits Testing

On 9/8/05, Hugo Vanwoerkom <hvw59601@care2.com> wrote:
> Don't know if this is appropriate. Anyway:
> I have Nvidia videocards and use the closedsource driver (7167).
> X.org with its eyecandy, for a non-gamer, brought the necessity of using
> driver options:
>         Option      "RenderAccel"               "true"
>         Option      "AllowGLXWithComposite"     "true"
> When you do that it causes a tight loop in the server, as detailed here:
> http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=31858&page=22&pp=15&highlight=loop
> So if you turn the options off the CPU hits 100% very soon upon using
> the candy options, regardless of what CPU you use.
> For myself that sort of finishes X.org, since I don't know what it
> offers beyond what XFree86 does for me.
> I'd be interested to know if anyone can use Nvidia driver with Nvidia
> cards and use the options but does not have the problem. And if so what
> mobo you use.

Thanks for posting that, Hugo.

I'm sure it's just a matter of time until this problem is fixed by
nVidia and/or X.org.  nVidia wants to sell their cards, and people
want eye candy, and people want Linux, so we probably just need (sigh)
some more patience.

I don't know if it's actual or the power of suggestion, but I've
noticed that the fonts with X.org look awfully nice.  I don't have a
screenshot to compare with XF86, but...  :)  And, anyway, it's the
future, so since it's working so well, why not go ahead and switch?

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