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Re: apache2 vs. apache-perl

On Thu, 2005-09-08 at 10:23 -0400, Greg Folkert wrote:
> On Tue, 2005-09-06 at 19:55 +0000, Daniel McBrearty wrote:
> > Any idea what the essential differences are betwen installing these 2 debian
> > packages? I have used apache-perl without too many hitches on my home machine,
> > my new server came with apache2 preinstalled.
> > 
> > I'm wondering whether this will cause me extra work in deploying my project, and
> > hence whether to go to the trouble of removing 2 and replaicing with perl.
> Well, I just went through a similar path. Everything works fine as long
> as you install the apache2 optional modules.
> Also, if indeed this is Debian you have installed on the new machine,
> there are quite a few things that have changed for the better on the
> config side of things.
> First off the config is now "modular" you can enable and disable things
> bey adding and removing soft symbolic links. This include an addition I
> made to have multiple websites enabled or not. I have multiple
> webhosting going on and I have now moved all "user" configs into
> $HOMEDIR/etc/[apache2|bind|<insert package name>] and doing includes on
> them automagically.

how do you prevent people from running stuff as root when the webserver

> The only tricky part is the selection of the proper Apache2 MPM server.
> For Perl and other interpreted languages, you want apache2-mpm-prefork
> being the traditional operational model that Apache 1.3.x had. Reason
> being, most interpreted languages are poorly supported in other modes.
> Those modes are:
>         apache2-mpm-perchild - experimental high speed perchild
>         		       threaded model for Apache2
>         apache2-mpm-worker   - high speed threaded model for Apache2
> Pretty much you could just copy over the exisiting httpd config and
> modify it for the new machine... but that is your choice.

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