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Re: pb with Printing using CUPS v1.1.x and lpd LaserJet1100

On (08/09/05 15:03), Jean-Louis Crouzet wrote:
> Clive Menzies wrote:
> >On (07/09/05 19:26), Jean-Louis Crouzet wrote:
> >>Thanks. OK I will give tomorrow a second try via the working 
> >>http://localhost:631/admin interface. But what's puzzle me is the fact 
> >>that printed page under installation was the only one working...
> >
> >
> >One thought, could it be that the test page is printed as root but
> >ordinary users can't run cups?

> Thanks for all your thought, doesn't cure problem. I dropped an memo to 
> the CUPS forum as well w/o any success either. I start to doubt!
> Thanks,
> JL
> PS: I'm running as root (all the time) and here is my error log from cups.

Er.... this may be totally irrelevant but this is not recommended
particularly if you are running a GUI.  Check out sudo.

Having said it may be irrelevant, it would be worth setting up a user
and trying again.



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