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Re: pb with Printing using CUPS v1.1.x and lpd LaserJet1100

Clive Menzies wrote:
On (07/09/05 18:14), Jean-Louis Crouzet wrote:

Hi all,

not sure this is the proper NG but I couldn't find any CUPS related NG so far...

I do have a strange issue with my wrong configuration for sure!

I have a printer (HP LaserJet1100) connected to my SMC7404WBRA printer connector. The only working way I get something on the printer was CUPS by using KDE print manager from utilities menu, selecting Remote LPD queue with the IP of the router (mine was, then the
name of the queue (LPT1).
Following the wizard I selected the proper printer I guess here some extract from the content of the file named HPLaserJet1100(CUPSv1.1.x).ppd in /etc/cups/ppd :

FWIW I've never managed to setup printing using the KDE print manager;
I've found the CUPS web interface much more reliable.

In your browser address bar type:


which will take you to a GUI setup for printers

You will either need to log in as root ro add yourself to the lpadmin



Thanks. OK I will give tomorrow a second try via the working http://localhost:631/admin interface. But what's puzzle me is the fact that printed page under installation was the only one working...


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