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Re: pb with Printing using CUPS v1.1.x and lpd LaserJet1100

On (07/09/05 18:14), Jean-Louis Crouzet wrote:
> Hi all,
> not sure this is the proper NG but I couldn't find any CUPS related NG 
> so far...
> I do have a strange issue with my wrong configuration for sure!
> I have a printer (HP LaserJet1100) connected to my SMC7404WBRA printer 
> connector. The only working way I get something on the printer was
> CUPS by using KDE print manager from utilities menu, selecting Remote 
> LPD queue with the IP of the router (mine was, then the
> name of the queue (LPT1).
> Following the wizard I selected the proper printer I guess here some 
> extract from the  content of the file named 
> HPLaserJet1100(CUPSv1.1.x).ppd in /etc/cups/ppd :

FWIW I've never managed to setup printing using the KDE print manager;
I've found the CUPS web interface much more reliable.

In your browser address bar type:


which will take you to a GUI setup for printers

You will either need to log in as root ro add yourself to the lpadmin



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