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Re: error with apt-get update: `Dynamic MMap ran out of room'

>>>>> "Maurits" == Maurits van Rees <maurits@vanrees.org> writes:

   Maurits> You should be able to find that  easily with Google, as it
   Maurits> is a classic...

Ok I did not think of that. 
   Maurits> Put this in /etc/apt/apt.conf:

   Maurits> APT::Cache-Limit 20000000;

I had 10 millons, strange, but it works thanks a lot.

   Maurits> That is 20 million.  The number is somewhat arbitrary, but
   Maurits> that is what's in my  file.  If you  don't have this file,
   Maurits> just create it as root with that single line  in it.  'man
   Maurits> apt.conf' should also help.

It did not, at least I could not find anything about that issue.

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