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ifupdown, hotplug and USB Wireless

I am using a USB wireless adapter  (RALink 2570 chipset with serialmonkey 
drivers) on a desktop machine with Debian Sarge (i386). The problem I am 
having is not getting the device to work, but getting it to work on bootup as 
well as hotplug.

I can get the system to bring up the interface with hotplug after the system 
is started, but trying to bring up the network automatically at boot is 
problematic. The ifupdown scripts run as S39ifupdown and load the module 
automatically when bringing the interface up. When the S40hotplug scripts run 
they load the USB 2.0 drivers, effectively killing or nullifying the 
previously loaded driver.

I briefly tried changing the order of ifupdown and hotplug (moved ifupdown to 
43, after hotplug and hotplug-net), but it seemed to fail to bring up the 
loopback adapter in that case.

Any suggestions - Thanks

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