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Re: unable to initialize modem (Siemes MC35)

On Mittwoch, Sep 7, 2005, at 22:52 Europe/Berlin, Hendrik Sattler wrote:

Marc Brünink wrote:
I'm trying to get a Siemens MC35 Modem up and running.
wvdialconf found the modem but everytime wvdial tried to initialize the
modem I got a "CME Error: 3" which stands for "Operation not allowed".
Every other AT command results in a 258: "phone is busy".
I connected to the serial port with minicom and got a 258 twice. After
I waited long enough eventually I got a cpas: 0 (without doing
anything!) which means the modem is ready. After this I was able to
connect to the internet with minicom and wvdial.

I'm stuck. Does someone have a clue how to fix this issue? Or just an
idea where to look next?

It is a GSM modem with a SIM card. And that SIM card needs a PIN. You have to
enter that pin with _after_ the CME ERROR message:

Or simply let scmxx do it for you by doing something simple like setting the

The modem replys to a AT+CPIN? with an error. And it replys with an error to AT+CPIN=****, too. Which is correct, if the pin is set, but totally wrong if it isn't. Sometimes it even spew out an error after AT&F which is impossible if I trust the docs. So for me this device is just heavily broken. (It's a MC35i revision 1.3) but I'm openminded enough to be conviced it itsn't .... if someone have a clue... :-)


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