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Re: Remove Hardware mixing from mplayer

   I could find a workaround for this.Put "aop=list=volume:volume=101" in
/etc/mplayer.conf or in ~/.mplayer/gui.conf.This forces mplayer to use
software mixing.The 101 means no amplification.You can replace it with
whatever volume you want.Now the volume of mplayer is not related to the
voulme of other applications.But the quality of sound at very high volume
levels in not very good in software mixing.


Raghunandan H K
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Subject: Remove Hardware mixing from mplayer

> Hello,
>    Could you please tell me how to configure mplayer to not use hardware
> mixing.I want different applications to play sound simultaneously at 
> different volume levels.And could you also tell me if there is a 
> method to force all applications to use software mixing only.
> Thank you in advance,
> Raghunandan H K
> P.S:I am not subscribed to debian-user.So, I request you to cc the 
> reply to me.
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