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Re: Newsgroups for Debian

Scott wrote:

antgel wrote:

Scott Schreiber wrote:

Marc Wilson wrote:

No and yes (mostly). But the gateway used to be one-way, where
what you posted in the ng didn't go back to the ML. I have no idea
if that's still the case.

It is.

It isn't.

Well my experience is that my repeated posts to the NG fell on deaf
ears, but when I sent the very same message to the email address, I got
answers to my question.  I thought I read somewhere that it was one-way,
but I can't seem to find anything on it right now.

I remember a similar discussion from about half a year ago (or maybe more). Some people thought the gateway was one-way, others insisted it works both ways.

My posts to the newsgroup never appeared on the mailing list, so I stood firmly in the camp of the non-believers. Now maybe it's possible that the gateway works both ways but that there's something else wrong, such as incorrectly configure news servers at ISP's.

Whatever the case, newsgroup to ML doesn't work for many people. I started using gmane, which works both ways without problems, and I never looked back.

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