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Freeze with Debian Sarge

 Running Debian Sarge on an Intel P3 machine, twice in
the past two weeks the screen has frozen completely
and the Caps Lock and Scroll Lock green lights have
started flashing rapidly. The mouse and keyboard then
both don't work and you can't move anything on the

Trying Crtl-Alt-F1 and Ctrl-Alt-Del doesn't work
either. It's therefore not possible to reboot from the

The only way to remove this hanging is to reboot
completely from the Power ON/OFF button which does
then bring back the login window.

Nothing special is happening during these freezes -
there are some xterms open and a couple of Mozilla
windows. There are no programs running and the
websites in the Mozilla browsers are basic, such as
cnn.com, nothing with any complicated movies or
anything like that.

Can anyone please see if a cause can be determined for
this problem? 

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