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Re: OT: perlcc problems

Markus.Grunwald@pruftechnik.com wrote:
> Hello,
> When trying to compile a perl program with perlcc, the compiled program 
> dies with an error, while the original is ok:
> gru@CMDevLin2 >./foomatic-rip-c 
> Modification of a read-only value attempted at foomatic-rip line 8.
> I googled for this error but got nothing helpfull. It seems error existed 
> back in perl 5.8.3 and should have been fixed...
> Can anybody give me some hints how to get this working ?
> [ btw: i need a foomatic-rip binary because my embedded device has no 
> perl... ]

If you read the manpage you will note that perlcc is experimental.  File
a bug.

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