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Re: Hard links to directories

Sorry Michael - I seem to have replied to you only.  Here goes to the list...
Support for multiple links to a directory has been in place in the
past, I'm sure, I've used it.

I'll have a look in a kernel book and see where this is implemented.

At the moment I navigate using several fancy mechanisms.  For example
if I'm in a directory I can type "mark" and it is marked as a
(temporary) favourite.  The favourites define a subtree and I have mls
(equivalent to ls) mcd and unmark commands.  I've also set up some
scripts that ensure that if I delete a file, it isn't actually deleted
until some backup hard links automatically expire 24 hours later, time
enough to recover from disasters.  Some of these mechanisms use
scripts and soft links, others use hard links.  I'm loth to lose the
hard link capability or to have it reduced to files only.

I can see that performance issues are important but capability is important too.

Regards, Max

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