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Re: Mutt and html

On Mon, Sep 05, 2005 at 09:05:31PM -0600, Paul E Condon wrote:

> Some MUAs can be configured to send the same message as both a plain
> text message and an HTML message, nothing very magical and only slightly
> more wastful than HTML alone.

Yes, I've noticed that.  Wasteful maybe, but it gives you the 

> [...]
>                         For me, if the sender can't figure out
> how to communicate in text words what he has to say is almost 
> certainly not worth reading. 

Agreed, but I imagine it's usually just the default configuration 
of their mail client.


David Jardine

"Running Debian GNU/Linux and
loving every minute of it."  -L. von Sacher-M.(1835-1895)

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