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Re: Mutt and html

On 2005-09-06T03:47:55+0200, David Jardine wrote:
> 	(a) the difference in the way mutt deals with html emails 
> 	(sometimes outputting them as normal text, sometimes presenting 
> 	them as attachments), 

I do not understand the question.  By default mutt list html files as
attachments, and you need to press v and select the attachment in
question and press enter to launch an external browser.  There appears
to be a race condition, at this least this usually does not work for me.
Instead I save the attachments and point firefox to the file.

You can configure mutt to display html files inline with help of w3m by
setting the following in .muttrc:

auto_view text/html

> 	(b) the difference in the way different MUAs (I hope that's the 
> 	right term) present html emails such as the one someone was 
> 	complaining about above (inline or attachment), and 
> 	(c) the difference in the way different MUAs (?) send these html 
> 	emails.  It seems as if there's some way of indicating that the 
> 	text should be inlined but that some senders don't use it and 
> 	that some receivers don't understand it.  Okay, that's my non-
> 	techie way of seeing it.

You are referring to the content-type header of MIME messages, I think,
in particular multipart/alternative vs. perhaps text/html.  Check out
RFC 2045 for more deatils.


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