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Re: Compiling Kernel for Bootsplash: The Whole Seven Metres.

Brian Nelson wrote:
> "David R. Litwin" <presently42@gmail.com> writes:
> > Before I go any further, yes, I need bootsplash: My computer is
> > dual-boot and the other user insists on A: Using Windows and B:
> > Shutting Down every Evening.

But the other user will never see bootsplash.  You booting linux will
see it.  But the other user booting MS-Windows will never see it.

> > In addition, I shall be getting a lap-top soon. (By the bye, why doesn't
> > Debian have Bootsplash as a standard?)

You might wan to review Bug#190560 in the BTS.


It looks to be stagnating is all.  Blowing a little on the embers may
bring the fire to life.

> > I have skimmed through a HOWTO or three. However, they aren't
> > quite answering my questions. So, allow me to elaborate, if you
> > will.

If this was not in the ones you read then start again with this


> I find it easiest to just grab the vanilla sources straight from
> kernel.org.  The Debian ones tend to be crippled and patched, which
> makes it a pain to apply new patches.

I always find it easier to use the Debian stock kernels.  They have
all of the toys preconfigured and patches can be easily applied.

(Just to make a counter case because I think using both Debian patched
kernel source an using upstream kernel.org source are valid.  But I
don't think the Debian source is crippled in any way.  If you think it
is then please file a bug in the BTS about it.)

I am not running bootsplash myself so I will hold myself back from
going into a description of how I would do it using the Debian kernel
source.  Besides as I said, I think using either one is quite valid.


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