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Re: sendmail trouble

Sanjay wrote:
> I am trying to setup a sendmail server so that we could send test emails 
> from our application. Its on lan behind firewall so there is no worries 
> about spam and stuff.

I think you will get at least ten responses suggesting that you should
move away from sendmail.  Half will be to postfix.  Half will be to
exim.  Either of those are good.  Let me start the process by
suggesting that you install postfix.

  aptitude install postfix

If it does not work out then you can always go back to sendmail with
no harm done.

> What I need to do is to be able to connect to this smtp server and
> send emails without being asked for authentication.

The first configuation question will ask you what type of
configuration.  Choose the "Internet with smarthost" option.

When it asks for a "relayhost" specify the next machine upstream that
you want to have mail delivered to.  This would be your normal mail relay.

Then it will ask you "For what network blocks should this machine
relay mail?"  That is the answer to your question.  Tell it your local
network.  If you are using a 192.168.1.* network then list
"," as the answer.  List the local 127.*
address along with whatever is your local network for which you want
to allow uncontrolled relaying.  (Never do this on the global
Internet as you would become a spam source almost immediately.)

That is about it.

> I've so far configured it so that I can connect from any host on the
> lan and send an email using say thunderbird. The problem is,
> thunderbird does send the email, but after sending email it asks for
> the authentication.  Does anybody know why this is happening. Is
> there anything I need to turn off somewhre in the config files.

This sounds like you have thunderbird configured for pop or imap and
not smtp.  If you had it configured for smtp I would not expect this.
This is probably completely independent of the MTA being either
sendmail or postfix or exim.


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