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Re: kernel 2.4 -> 2.6 upgrading procedure

David Niemi wrote:
> Yub, another Debian noobie here.


> I am also running Fedora 4 i386_64 and this is my first install of
> Debian a couple days ago using a DVD from the magazine Linux Format.
> When I installed the 2.4.27 XX kernel was installed but I'd like to
> go up to the 2.6.8-11-emt64t-p4-smp kernel as I've got a dual Xeon
> emt64 3.2Ghz system.

In the future when you install Debian it is highly recommended to
install using the linux 2.6 kernel instead of the 2.4 kernel.  Yes, I
know that 2.4 is the default when you hit enter.  When Sarge was
frozen for release there were outstanding issues with 2.6.  But that
was then and this is now.  From here on out always choose the 2.6
kernel instead of hitting enter.

> Reading the messages from the past month others are trying similar and
> initially getting similar results: cannot open /dev/console, Kernel
> Panic. 

Sounds like a problem with the initrd (initial ram disk) not having
all of the modules needed to access the local filesystem.

> One suggestion was for the SATA drives to be listed as sdxx in grub for
> the 2.6 kernels and another user suggested recreating the initrd image
> and also possibly using rdev.  Lastly another user said that there was
> quite a few differences between the installations with the 2.4 vs 2.6
> kernels and had installed with linux26 ??

Lots of information and noise there!  It can be confusing.

> Should I download a current CD image (eg
> debian-testing-ia64-netinst.iso) and try it or use the i386 install
> version?

If you are bound and determined to reinstall from scratch then make
sure you select the 2.6 kernel and you should be fine.  But I never
have found the need to reinstall.  Unless trying to downgrade because
downgrading is not supported, only upgrading.  Upgrading and switching
is easy.  Debian's APT makes these types of changes easy.  The trick
is to know what things you want to do.

I strongly recommend that you do NOT use "testing" Etch at this
moment.  If you are just getting going with Debian then you have
probably not learned the details needed to drive a development system.
I strongly recommend that you install a "stable" Sarge system.  Both
Testing and Unstable are going through some heavy transitions right
now that are throwing curves at even the experienced users.  In a
couple of months it will be settled down.  But for now it is quite a
busy place.

I want a linux 2.6 kernel.  I want discover, hotplug, udev installed.
(I need module-init-tools so that initrds are created properly.
Really only a problem when upgrading from old Sarge snapshots or woody.)

  aptitude install discover hotplug udev module-init-tools

  aptitude install kernel-image-2.6.8-11-em64t-p4

That should work.


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