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Re: pager changed after upgrade from woody to sarge:

James Haskell wrote:
> i just upgraded from woody to sarge, and it *seems*
> that in the process, my pager has changed from
> /usr/bin/less to /bin/more.
> e.g. if i type:
> cd /usr/include/ <tab> <tab>
> bash displays:
> Display all 370 possibilities? (y or n)
> when i type y, bash lists the files using /bin/more.

Are you sure that it is /bin/more and not the bash readline built-in
pager?  The documentation for readline which is used by bash says

       page-completions (On)
              If set to On, readline uses an internal more-like pager to
              display a screenful of possible completions at a time.

I believe you are seeing the built-in pager and not the external one.
I do not think bash spawns an external pager for this operation.

> chase `which pager` says that /usr/bin/pager points to
> /usr/bin/less.

No need to chase.  Just use ask the system.

  update-alternatives --display pager

> how do i get less to be my default pager?  and am i
> correct in concluding that the upgrade changed my pager?

I think you are incorrect.  I do not believe bash is using an external
pager.  I just now tested a woody and a sarge system and could not see
any noticeable difference in how bash operates with regards to
completion.  If you are seeing differences I am guessing it has to do
with bash and libreadline upgrades combined with your own personal
readline configuration.

For me both used the bash readline internal built-in pager.  It says
"--more--" but that does not mean it is using the /bin/more external
program.  It is using the built-in.  You can verify this for yourself
by looking at the 'ps -efH' output and seeing that your command shell
is not spawning any external commands while in the built-in pager.
(Hint: Use the tty to find the other bash shell.)


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