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Re: changing window managers

Larry Fletcher <de-41@extra.lafn.org> writes:

| I have been using icewm for about 5 years, but I have been
| having problems since I upgraded to sarge.  So I decided
| to try another window manager, but I can't figure out how
| to get xwindows to use the new window manager.  I have
| searched google and debian user, tried 'update-alternatives
| --config x-window-manager', editing symlinks, looking
| though all of the config files in /etc/X11 and I just
| can't figure out what is loading the window manager.
| I seems like I remember that years ago all you had to do
| put the name of window manager at the top of some file,
| but I can't find anything like that.

That call should have worked: 

  $ update-alternatives --config x-window-manager
  .. activate some from the list ...
  $ startx

But you want to check that you don't yourself start any other window

  $ grep exec ~/.xses* ~/.xinit*

To start by hand:

  $ startx $(which fvwm95) -- :0
                   Or your choice of WM


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