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Re: Coexistence of Qt3 and Qt4 development (or at least compilation)

Gregory Seidman <gsslist+debian@anthropohedron.net> writes:

> I have written some apps with Qt3 and I still work on them from time to
> time. I have libqt3-mt-dev installed for this purpose. I'd like to start
> working with Qt4, so I tried installing libqt4-dev. Of course, it conflicts
> with libqt3-mt-dev. Is this a permanent situation? 

No, it's just temporary until Qt3 starts using the alternatives system
for the necessary programs (bug #306879).

Qt3 appears to be temporarily frozen while the maintainers wait until
the GCC 4 transition completes and goes into testing.  I assume after
that happens, they'll apply the patch.

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