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Coexistence of Qt3 and Qt4 development (or at least compilation)

I have written some apps with Qt3 and I still work on them from time to
time. I have libqt3-mt-dev installed for this purpose. I'd like to start
working with Qt4, so I tried installing libqt4-dev. Of course, it conflicts
with libqt3-mt-dev. Is this a permanent situation? I'd really like them to
coexist. The same goes for qt3-dev-tools and qt4-dev-tools (or, rather,
their dependencies).

I understand that Qt4 has compatibility headers for Qt3, but that they are
deprecated. Furthermore, new code is supposed to include headers without
the .h suffix, which has been dropped to match standard C++ library
headers. It should be possible to split off the suffix-less headers for new
code and the headers for compatibility into separate packages, and only the
compatibility headers should need to conflict with libqt3-mt-dev. libqt4-dev
can become a virtual package which depends on both header packages.

The dev tools (and dependencies) should be easy enough to deal with just by
using alternatives.

Does anyone see anything wrong with this?


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