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Re: PLease help

Alvin James wrote:

>As a result of the KDE problems I have re-installed my system,
That's a Windows way of thinking, but oh well, it's done.

> only
>thing is I need to have quanta plus working as I use it for work. can
>you tell me what I could do is there a sources.list I can use to revert
>back to the last working version of KDE that I can use. As I had it
>working did an apt-get dist-upgrade which removed kde and most of it's
>applications now I have re-installed from scratch but cannot seem to get
>the right libraries for kde to work see eg.
You don't tell us if you're running stable, testing, or unstable.

I noticed just last night that a dist-upgrade on my unstable box brought
my KDE back into working order, and with 3.4. Sweet stuff. (It's a
little thing, but I'm impressed that you can drag an image icon from
Konqueror to the Desktop in order to change the Desktop background.
Mmmm, goodness.)

If you're using Testing, you can expect at least two days, and maybe a
couple of weeks, before the new changes migrate into your box.

If you're using Stable, you shouldn't be having these issues.


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