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update-grub in 3.1r0a assigns wrong root device, cannot boot with 2.4

Two boot problems I ran into with the 3.1 r0a release:


My only drive is /dev/hde, /dev/hda is a cdrom, /dev/hde6
is the Linux root partition:

/dev/hde6           78626      158785    40400608+  83  Linux

update-grub wrote (hd0,0) as the root device into the
AUTOMAGIC KERNELS LIST in /boot/grub/menu.lst and grub
didn't boot at all as it couldn't mount the root partition.


I initially installed the 2.6 kernel, adding the 2.4 kernel
resulted in a system that failed to access the /dev/console
during the kernel boot process.

By the way:
I did have to boot with text mode installer as my
Number 9 graphics card with SGI1600SW monitor cannot use
the graphic mode. I don't know if that makes a difference.


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