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Re: IDE mondorestore DVD to Perc4 Raid machine

John Fleming wrote:
I'm using current Debian Stable (Sarge). I routinely use mondoarchive to make a bootable DVD of my whole system on a Dell 600SC with an IDE drive. This DVD is capable of restoring to bare metal if necessary. I've never tried it on the 600SC because I've never had to. However, I have used it to restore an AMD machine, also with an IDE drive. It restored the whole system flawlessly!

Now I want to use the 600SC's mondo backup DVD to restore (clone to) a Dell PowerEdge 1850 with a perc 4eid raid 1 controller. Note that I can install Sarge from scratch (not the mondo backup) on the 1850 with a 2.4 kernel just fine. However, the 2.6 kernel installer doesn't recognize the SCSI drive array.

Similarly, when I try the monorestore, it doesn't recognize the HDD. I've tried using DVDs made with mondo running with a 2.4 kernel as well as a 2.6 kernel - neither recognizes the HDD.

Anyone done this and know how to get mondo to recognize the perc 4eid raid controller as a logical HDD?

I posted this here rather than the mondo list because you guys are the most familiar with Debian's flavors and distros.

And you used mondo (2.04-4)?


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