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Re: can i use Secondry ip on firewall

* partha <partha.s@comat.com> wrote:
> I am using firewall-jay and Squid.
> eth0 global ip
> eth1 local ip (
> Can i have secondary ip ( on the eth1?
> And use the squid for this subnet to access
> internet?

I don't know what firewall-jay ist but sure you can bind a secondary
adress (or even more) to your interface.

Assuming a class-C subnet, the corresponding entry in
/etc/network/interfaces looks like this.

--< snip >--

auto eth1:0

iface eth1:0 inet static

--< /snap >--

Insert the above lines (omitting the snip,snap-lines) and do a 

    ifup eth1:0

After a squid restart, squid should also listen to this secondary
interface (unless it is bound to a specific address via the http_port
directive in squid.conf). 

- sebastian

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