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RE: Exim4 & Mail Headers

> Received: from localhost.localdomain
> [])
> What I don't like is the localhost.localdomain bit, but of course I
> have
> a valid domain that I'm sending from, so what is the correct value to
> this set to and where do I set it?

There is a 'qualify_domain' over ride somewhere in exim4, and hacking
exim may be the easiest way to go if you don't understand DNS.

I believe this is just the first value in /etc/hostname (or /etc/hosts
see 'man hostname').  I haven't set up a Linux box with out a DNS PTR
record in so long I could be wrong, but I believe you could set this
with a line similar to this.

hostname.domain.lan hostname {Public IP}
localhost.localdomain localhost

Now of course you would have to write this line from your ppp script or
similar every time you connect, but I *think* that would get rid of you
localhost.localdomain problem.

Personally I use ddns on my public server and have myself signed up with
a dynamic dns service.  That way I have real DNS on my public adapter.

Then on my local adapter I just create a BS zone called
{MySMBWorkgroup.lan}, and use a DHCP -> DNS script to keep these records
current.  The nice thing about having everything on your lan have both a
resolvable local address and a stub address on the internet is that it
makes things like iptables rules very dynamic, rather than using client
IP address, you can get away with using the host names, and makes
rulesets and such very readable.


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