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Re: Problem Playing Movie Trailers & Clips

Kent West wrote:

Debian User Leonard Chatagnier wrote:

Using Sarge stable with RealPlayer 10 Gold.  Can play audio/video
files with realplayer on all sites but
can't play movie trailers or clips(wmv format) on any site.  Have
tried my.yahoo.com, cnn.com and movie.com
and all I get is the usual player screen with a black background and
"no picture" in parenthesis in the center
of the player screen.  Have run media helper or change settings on the
sites that they're available and get the same
no picture whether selecting windows media player, realplayer or quick
time.  Have visited the Helix and Sourceforge
sites trying out all suggestions and installation tips with no
success.  I think I have all the necessary plugins and codecs.  Could
use any tip or trick to resolve this player problem.  Not subscribed
to list; please copy my email address on any replys.

I've started using the MediaPlayerConnectivity extension in Firefox; not
a total solution, but enough for my needs.

Hi Kent,

It's been awhile since we've talked.  Was hoping not to change browzer.
Just getting used to Mozilla now. Looking for a plugin, nphelix.so or mplayerplug-in.so, that's not in the right place. Have a mixed Global-User installation on browser and realplayer and thought may have a critical one not automatically installed in ~/.mozilla/plugins or some other required user directory. Have come across other mplayerplug-in*.so and mplayerplug-in*.xpt
that are not in home directories such as:
Since the movie files that wont play have a *.wmv extension perhaps I need mplayerplug-in-wmp.so/xpt plugin somewhere in my home directory. Any comments or suggestions regarding the other mplayerplug-in-*?
Thanks for your thoughts,


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