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Re: Can't install Sarge on an HP NetServer

On Thu, 25 Aug 2005 21:33:32 +0100, Clive Menzies wrote:

> On (25/08/05 11:27), Raquel Rice wrote:
> > "marco_elen" <marco_elen@libero.it> wrote:
> > > Finally after many tries and (actually unuseful) web searches I
> > > could install Debian on an HP NetServer LH4. As suggested by
> > > Raquel I simply installed Woody booting with "vanilla". I
> > > installed only the base system from the first cd.
> > >
> > > Now I have to upgrade to Sarge.
> > > Can I do it simply with apt-get dist-upgrade ?
> > > Will this remove the old kernel and replace with a kernel that
> > > won't work ? (I'm afraid I'll encounter the same SCSI problem I
> > > experienced while trying to install Sarge, but can anyone please
> > > tell if I'm wrong?)
> >
> > The upgrade "manual" suggests using aptitude dist-upgrade and doing
> > the kernel upgrade in a separate step.  After upgrading to Sarge, I
> > later upgraded the kernel on the server to 2.4.27 and all went well.
> >  But keep your old kernel around ... just in case.  ;-)
> >
> > BTW ... I'm booting off the SCSI drive too.

Sorry, but I can't understand the meaning of this last sentence (my english is not good)

> I've got an LH3 also upgraded to sarge recently (from an original woody
> install) and upgrading with aptitude worked flawlessly.  I also had a
> couple of LHPro200's which I've now given away but the last one also
> upgraded to sarge without a problem.  The all booted off the SCSI RAID
> drives.
> Regards
> Clive

Ok, so I can install a base Woody, then add the Sarge cd-rom
to apt sources and launch apt-get dist-upgrade.
May I also upgrade to a new kernel (If I install also a newer kernel will the system still be able to see the drives)?
I'm asking this because I couldn't do a Sarge installation because of the error reported in my first e-mail:
error loading "modprobe -v sym53c8xx_2"

Furthermore I have two 2G disks, which I would prefer to manage with LVM. I read I have these alternatives:

1) Make the LVM arrangement of the disks at installation time (I've seen an HOWTO about this: Root-on-LVM-on-RAID HOWTO).
But this would require to use a kernel from a diskette, and I don't know if this kernel will recognize my SCSI drives (as up to now I could only do it booting Woody with vanilla).

2) Install Woody on first disk (partitioned as ext2), and after installation change it to LVM (described in the LVM HOWTO).
I'm proceeding this way, but I don't know when it is best to do the LVM conversion: before or after upgrading to sarge, before or after an (eventual) upgrade to a new kernel.
Also, which version of LVM shall I use (of course this depends on which kernel I will be able to install)?

Has anyone else used LVM on a NetServer with Debian?

Thanks for your help; It's very helpful because I'm a bit confused (It's my first attempt in installing a server).

Best regards,
Marco Ballini

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