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Re: Switching to Debian (from Fedora)

On Tue, Aug 23, 2005 at 08:36:24AM -0500, Daniel Ramaley wrote:
> When Xorg came out, Sarge was almost ready to become the stable release. 
> Sarge is what i'm running, but i've not had any problems with my older 
> hardware. If you want Xorg, try switching to the testing distribution. 
> To do that, edit /etc/apt/sources.list and every time you see "stable" 
> or "sarge" change it to "testing". Then run aptitude, hit "u" then "U" 
> and then "g" and "g" again.

In my experience upgrading from one distro to another is a BIG change.
Be prepared for the upgrade process to take a long time, and be irreversible.
My upgrade from woody to sarge was difficult -- but I had made sure of a
fully running bootable backup on another partition, and that made it
easy to recover when I ran out of disk space in my upgrading partition
halfway through the upgrade.

Once I had enough space, I repeated the upgrade and it worked flawlessy.

The machine I was running was a server and internet interface for a home
lan.  Despite the first upgrade failure, none of the users experienced
any disruption (except for brief pauses while I rebooted to test whether
my backup partitions would boot properly).

I haven't encountered another distribution that upgraded that
innocuously!  Afterward we exchanged jokes about Windows upgrades.

-- hendrik

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