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Re: Switching to Debian (from Fedora)

On Tuesday 23 August 2005 14:36, Daniel Ramaley wrote:
> On Tuesday 23 August 2005 03:06 am, A. Lanza wrote:
> >i've been running Fedora linux for about 3 years now but... i wanted
> > to explore Debian as well. Recently, i had to set up a mail system
> > and i installed Debian Sarge on an old Pentium 3 machine with 128 MB
> > of RAM. The new(?) Sarge installer is quite good and i had no
> > problems to set my system up from a net-install CD. apt-get is just
> > *great*, i usually use an apt-get port for Fedora as my package
> > manager tool.
> I just switched to Debian less than a year ago after being a long time
> Red Hat user (the first Red Hat i installed was 3.0.3). Welcome to the
> club!
> If you like apt-get, try aptitude. It has most of the same command line
> switches, plus a curses GUI that almost makes package management fun. 

For and alternate GUI package manager try synaptic.


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