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Re: Lost Labyrinth

"Markus Döbele" <mar_doe@gmx.de> wrote in message 200508222213.48592.mar_doe@gmx.de">news:200508222213.48592.mar_doe@gmx.de...

Looks nice.


> I also created a rpm version of the game. I don't know right now how to
> build a deb file. But it should be easy to install the game with alien.

Alien is not a nice way to creat debian packages.  Please take a look at
our New Maintainers Guide [1] which explains how to do that.  After that
you might be interested in reading the additional documentatio at [2].

You may ask more questions about the creation of debian packages at our
debian-mentors list [3].

> Maybe you like to include our game in your distribution?

Probaly if you change your license... currently you just state your game
would be "freeware", which is not enough according to our Debian Free
Software Guidelines [4] to be part of the main Debian archive.

Its gpl!
The page is also for Windows where freeware is a lot more popular.

The Linux Version which a completely new version is using the gpl. I am just
using the same graphics, sounds and most of the ideas.

Ok. Then if you would like to maintain the debian port, read the new maintainers guide and discuss any questions on the debian-mentors mailing list.

If you are looking for somebody else to package your game plese use the command:
reportbug wnpp
choosing 5 for RFP (request for package)
In the message indicate that you are the upsteam maintainer. That might increase the odds of your package being accepted because the debian maintainer will know that upstream supports the port. (That can sometimes be a problem with relatively unheard of packages.)

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