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Re: how-to for using xfwm4 and ROX?

On Wed, 17 Aug 2005 10:18:11 -0500
Albert <albertwagner@cox.net> wrote:

> I can find no documentation for using a window manager other than
> xdm, e.g. xfwm4 with ROX.  I don't want either Gnome or KDE. Can
> anyone here point me in the right direction.  X Windows was up
> and running before I installed these two packages. Now I just get
> a gray screen and no pop up menus.  Also, some script has 
> hijacked my text login and replaced it with a graphical login. I 
> prefer to startx myself.  Thanks ahead for any help.

Your console login screen has been hijacked by xdm which is a display
manager (window manager picker in a graphical face), not a window
manager itself.  You need to (as root):
 apt-get install <window manager of your choice>
Heck, install them all and play around.  That's what I did and I still
change from time to time.
In addition, if you want to lose the graphical login (as root):
 apt-get remove xdm

Cybe R. Wizard
Q: What's the difference between MicroSoft Windows and a virus? 
A: Apart from the fact that viruses are supported by their authors, 
use optimized, small code and usually perform well, none.

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