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Re: why upgrade kernel?

dzpost@dedekind.net wrote:
I have a couple of machines which I'm in the process of upgrading to
Sarge.  I'm wondering about whether to upgrade the kernels.  They're
all running some version of 2.4, which I've built for the particular
machines.  If I don't get new hardware which need newer drivers, and I
don't care about any of the fancy new features of 2.6 (whatever those
are), is there any benefit in upgrading the kernel?  Will newer
versions of some packages eventually need a newer kernel?

There is no benefit under those assumptions.

And when a newer version of a package, can't think of one, NEEDS the 2.6 kernel, it will tell you.

Aside from that: the 2.6 kernels boot faster, generally, and support for sound (ALSA) and sensors (i2c) is directly in the kernel, so the headache of installing packages goes away and there are more cases like that.

My own reason for 2.6.9 is that the soundest patch for multi-user Linux (2.6.9-ruby.vz11) wants that kernel release.

If I were to go to 2.6.12 I would get fancier scheduling.


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