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Keep the NVIDIA driver for different kernel releases

Hi all,

I use Debian Sarge and recently I installed the nvidia driver on kernel 2.6.12.
It works perfectly.

But when I compiled and installed the kernel, I had to
install the nvidia driver again, since the newest kernel was not able
to detect the old nvidia driver compiled for kernel 2.6.12.

AFAIK the NVIDIA driver is compiled specifically for each kernel. But
when I compile and install the NVIDIA driver for kernel, the
nvidia-installer removes the driver for kernel 2.6.12.

So I can load X server from the running kernel, but the
kernel 2.6.12 is not able to load the X server anymore, since during
the installation of NVIDIA driver for kernel the
nvidia-installer removed the old driver.

How can I compile and install the NVIDIA driver for kernel
without removing the old installed driver for kernel 2.6.12?


Mauricio Lin.

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