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Re: Any package on Debian to convert a WAVE file into MP3?

On Sunday 14 August 2005 06:19, Rishi wrote:
>> Just an idea looking at the message you have got: Maybe lame does not
>> convert mono streams. Why not use sox to convert mono to stereo and
>> then lame to convert it to mp3. It would be better if you can make sox
>> directly convert to mp3.
>Hi Sridhar,
>You're a dude. Thanks
>I installed sox and converted it into ogg.
>Which is in itself an achivement. :-)
>As regards to getting an ogg converted into an mp3 do you know of any
>too to do it?
In re converting, it won't be very good, particularly at the low data 
rates you are discussing.  The reason is that each method throws away 
different parts of the data, and when you encode it first with one 
method, then convert to the other, you wind up with artifacts of both 
methods, and the result isn't anywhere near as listenable as either by 


Cheers, Gene
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