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Re: [SWOT] Microsoft on the run?

On Friday 05 August 2005 05:16 am, Nate Bargmann wrote:
> Office has always been a Microsoft cash cow.  Is that cow now
> drying up?  I ask this because yesterday during a nationally
> syndicated program I heard a radio commercial for Microsoft Office.
>  No, the spot did not mention a *new* version of Office, just
> Office.  The spot describes the features of Office and gives a URL
> for more information including a download giving a 14 day free
> trial!

You can hear in the tone of their voice that the folks on Oregon 
Public Broadcasting Radio have a hard time holding a straight face 
when they read the sponsor credit, "Microsoft, Your Potential, Our 
Passion."  and you only ever hear the full credit read off syndicated 
broadcasts from National Public Radio.  

Now if NPR would change format on Performance Today (c'mon, just about 
everywhere has Mozart in the $2 bin if not a high-power FM station 
already cornering the market on that format, if I want that, I'll 
spin the dial) or OPB dropped the program in favor for another two 
hour slot of whatever's on the BBC World Service, it might be worth 
getting my checkbook out for instead of letting Billy do it...

> Is Open Office now making enough inroads that MS feels the need to
> keep its name out there?  Or is this just a pre-emptive strike
> against the upcoming OOo 2.0 release?


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