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Re: openssl has 2gb limit ?

On Wed, 03 Aug 2005, Markus.Grunwald@pruftechnik.com wrote:

> today I tried to encrypt a 3.2Gb file with openssl:
> openssl enc -aes256 -e -salt -pass file:filename.pwd -in filename -out 
> filename.openssl
> It aborted with the error:
> "Die maximale Dateigröße ist überschritten" = "Maximum file size is 
> exceeded"
> filename.openssl is then exactly 2Gb big...
> I thought the 2gb limit is a relict ? Should I report a bug ?

FWIW, (and assuming this is actually a limit of ssl and not the underlying
filesystem on that partition) you can work around this problem by dropping
the '-in', '-out' flags and using openssl in a pipeline: 
 cat foo | openssl enc -aes256 -e -salt -pass file:filename.pwd > foo.openssl

I do this regularly on my sid box without problems.  (Curiously I didn't
bother trying the -in/out flags.)

-- Brad

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