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Re: Changing to British (or Canadian) English

%% "David R. Litwin" <presently42@gmail.com> writes:

  drl> Well, I made that particular modification before you sent
  drl> that. So, do you recommend that I un do this? If so, how?

You didn't quote so I don't know what you're talking about here.

If you mean the chmod +x, it doesn't matter: either way will work.

However, I just realized setting this in your ~/.profile won't help you
anyway if you use a graphical login like XDM or GDM; your ~/.profile is
not sourced during that kind of login.

Where you need to add it depends on your desktop.  For Gnome, for
example, you should add it to ~/.gnomerc (create this if it doesn't

  drl> Also, I'm not too sure what has been modified: I don't know if I
  drl> see any changes or not.... Perhaps my Gaim now says colour where
  drl> once it said Color? Is this Possible?

Sure.  Gaim does have an en_CA translation (at least on my Sarge box),
and it does use, for example, "Background Colour" instead of "Background
Color".  To see this start Gaim and log in to a server.  Open up a chat

Place your mouse over the "A" with the dark background in the toolbar at
the bottom.  If you have your locale set properly the popup tooltip
should say "Background colour" instead of "Background color".

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