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Re: Changing to British (or Canadian) English

On 8/1/05, David R. Litwin <presently42@gmail.com> wrote:
> I've looked all over the place: KDE, I've googled it, the help files
> in KDE. Nothing seems to tell me how I can change my language in KDE
> to British (since they don't seem to have Canadian, not there there
> really is a difference).
> Could some one please point out how to do this?
> And, if possible, for Debian (and, in fact, every thing) in general.?
> It would be Much Appreciated.
> None the less, I thank you Kindly in Advance.

(as root)
dpkg-reconfigure locales
# enable the en_GB options
(as user)
echo 'export LANG=en_GB' >> ~/.profile
chmod u+x ~/.profile

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