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Re: Has anyone experience installing StarOffice 5.2 on Debian (new to Debian, StarOffice 5.2 is most important for me)

On Tue, Aug 02, 2005 at 02:59:40PM +0000, Hans-Peter Sulzer wrote:
> Hi,
> I shortly installed Debian to my notebook. Except of some
> minor problems (see my previous messages), it is working :-)
> I have StarOffice 5.2 for Linux, but unfortunately it
> is not a deb-Package. StarOffice 5.2 would be most
> important for me, cause it is the program, I use most
> often on Windows and OS/2 (4.0 on OS/2, but very similar).
OK.  What problem are you having with the installation?

> Note that its successors (Open Office) are no solution
> for me (no integrated Desktop, no news reader/mail client,
> no StarShedule, ...). Especially the news reader would
> be important, cause then I could use Debian, to write
> my news (I read this mailing list via Usenet).
There are approximately a kajillion (that's a technical term) news
reader/writer programs in Debian.  To say nothing of the ones that are
available for Linux but not packaged for Debian.

> I know ask, if I simply should try to install it, as
> described in the installation manual, or if there may
> be problems, perhaps destroying my Debian installation.
I can't imagine that it would do anything *really* bad.  You may run
into problems with not having the correct shared libraries, given the
age of SO5.2.  But the necessary packages are probably still in Woody.

> Has anyone experience with installing StarOffice 5.2?
Why not just upgrade to SO7 or 8 (I think 8 is the newest version)?  It
is fairly inexpensive, especially compared to MSO.


Roberto C. Sanchez

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