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Has anyone experience installing StarOffice 5.2 on Debian (new to Debian, StarOffice 5.2 is most important for me)


I shortly installed Debian to my notebook. Except of some
minor problems (see my previous messages), it is working :-)

I have StarOffice 5.2 for Linux, but unfortunately it
is not a deb-Package. StarOffice 5.2 would be most
important for me, cause it is the program, I use most
often on Windows and OS/2 (4.0 on OS/2, but very similar).

Note that its successors (Open Office) are no solution
for me (no integrated Desktop, no news reader/mail client,
no StarShedule, ...). Especially the news reader would
be important, cause then I could use Debian, to write
my news (I read this mailing list via Usenet).

I know ask, if I simply should try to install it, as
described in the installation manual, or if there may
be problems, perhaps destroying my Debian installation.

Has anyone experience with installing StarOffice 5.2?

Thanks in Advance
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