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Re: Aptitude erroneously thinks many packages are unused and wants to remove them.

On (02/08/05 09:49), Jules Dubois wrote:
> On Monday 01 August 2005 06:19, Clive Menzies <clive@clivemenzies.co.uk>
> (<20050801121958.GD3582@clivemenzies.co.uk>) wrote:
> > On (01/08/05 12:32), Adam Funk wrote:
> >> Inspired by the advice on this group and the -s option, I'm trying out
> >> aptitude.  But I'm surprised by this:
> >> 
> >> followed by a long list of packages, some of which I'm running right now.
> >> How does aptitude determine this list, and what's the best way to correct
> >> it?
> >> 
> > Briefly, run aptitude in interactive mode - ie # aptitude
> > If you press g (only once), the proposed actions will be displayed, you
> > can then 'h' hold packages you don't want removed.
> I suggest, rather than using 'h' for "hold", using 'm' for "mark as manually
> installed" for packages the OP is certain he wants to keep.  In this way,
> those packages and their dependencies are both "protected" and upgradable.
good suggestion ;)

> > see man aptitude
> There's also a very nice "aptitude user's guide".  IIRC, the package is
> named aptitude-doc or aptitude-doc-en (for EN speakers).
I've never bothered to install it ..... probably about time I did.

> > If you're running etch or sid you definitely ought to install
> > apt-listbugs before upgrading anything.
> But not if he's running Sarge?

I wasn't sure whether it is available for sarge but I guess it is.  I've
been running 'stable' servers (woody and sarge) for the last couple of
years and not felt the need.

..... but maybe better safe than sorry ;)



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