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Re: OT: linux smartphone in Europe?

01 August 2005 Francisco Borges wrote:

> I did find a very cheap smartphone... but it's running Windows and I
> DO KNOW that using a mobile running Windows would damage /my/ mental
> health.

Not just that, they seem to be currently very unstable,
are slow (about 40 seconds, after switching on, before
you can enter your PIN).

> Does anyone knows of an (affordable) Linux smartphone sold in Europe??

No, not. But have you considered a Symbian Phone (sounds similar
to Debian ;-) ). Excellent Multitasking Operating System,
the clear market leader, available from a lot of companies,
e.g. Nokia, Siemens, Motorola, Samsung, Sendo, Sony Ericson,
BenQ, ...).

There are different GUIs for it. S60 (developed by Nokia,
but available also from other companies) for small Phones which
can be operated with one thumb (some special keys plus
a joystick), S90 (Nokia) for their Communicators with a
full keyboard. UIQ for phones with a touch screen. There
is a real bulk of software available (e.g. city maps here
in germany, guitar tuner, games, ...). SDKs (C++) are
available for free from e. g. Nokia, Siemens (for their SX1),
and perhaps some others. And even a Python SDK is now
available (perhaps still beta). A good software pool
for S60-Symbians shall be http://www.aikon.ch.

Symbian is based on EPOC (the OS of the Psion PDAs), the
first Psion PDA came out nearly 20 years ago(!).

> All references I find regard linux phones in Asia or US.

I have the same experience.

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