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Strange random boot problem...

Title: Meddelande
I am running sarge with an 2.6.9 kernel. with 4 SATA drives in my HP ml110 server. It has been good for the last 7 months. But after a standard reboot it started to act very strange in the boot process.
The boot partition resides on /dev/sda, which recently was in a linux software raid1. but I had to replace the other disc and havnt resynced it yet.
I get the error (addrmarknotfound) and the system halts before mounting the discs and loading the system. I first thought it was a faulty disc but I lifted it out of the machine and iinto another sata based computer. there it booted without any problem. Then I replaced both the controller (promise fasttrack sx4), the motherboard and the SCSI card (adaptec based). Now the system boots every three or fourth time I restart it.
I have tried to remove all the PCI cards and restart the machine, the problem seems to be with the SCSI card, because when I remove it, the machine comes a bit longer, but instead hangs at "Freeing unused kernel memory:".
I have searched for answer about this everywhere, can someone help me? Is it possible for this SCSI card to be incompatible with my motherboard?
Best regards

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