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Re: Strange "smart" upgrades in aptitude / synaptic?

> In the case of Synaptic this is not 'new behaviour' it is just giving
> you the equivalent of things you could do at the command line by
> giving you things you can click on in a GUI interface instead of
> having to remember the commands and/or type the commands in at the
> command prompt.

If synaptic's "smart upgrade" really is identical to dist-upgrade,
then my only gripe is that it is the default setting. Dist-upgrade has
always been quite dangerous, at least on unstable.
Maybe the options should be relabeled "conservative" and "aggressive"
upgrade, too, for there is nothing inherently smarter about

I'll file a wishlist bug.

> Which ever front end you use you kind of have to learn the ins and outs
> of the methods it provides for dealing with various conditions, what
> people see as an advantage or disadvantage differs depending on what
> they want out of a front end.

Sure. The thing is, some people suggested aptitude gets confused when
other means besiides itself are used (sparingly) to install / remove
packages. I'd prefer to pick 'n' mix package managers, really.


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