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Re: cups in debian??

On Monday 01 August 2005 08:11, Kent West wrote:
>Shark Wang wrote:
>>all you x-window startup based on this file '.xinitrc', pls check
>> out at your home directory!
>># more ~/.xinitrc
>>for gnome, it should be 'exec gnome-sessions'
>>On 8/1/05, Gene Heskett <gene.heskett@verizon.net> wrote:
>>>I still do not know howto switch from the gnome desktop to the kde
>>>desktop, hints please.
>Or for KDE, 'startkde'. (Gene, the ~/.xinitrc file may or may not be
>read by any GUI login manager you install. If you use 'startx' to
> start X, then you definitely want to look into this file.)
Apparently I'm not using startx, the default login is graphical, and 
by golly, one can select the 'session' as you login.  Going blind in 
my old age I guess.  Thats serious BTW, I'm 70, a semi-retired 
broadcast engineer whose been chasing electrons for a living since 
1950.  But this is my first foray into the debian camp.

>(BTW, Shark, top-posting is generally discouraged on this list.)

Cheers, Gene
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