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GDM-4011p and XFree86?

Hi! I have an SGI-branded Sony GDM-4011p that I'm trying to get working with a SunBlade 100 running debian testing. I've got it hooked up to an ATI Rage 128 and can get it to do 1024x768 at 65Hz, but it's supposed to be capable of much better than that. When I use the lines

HorizSync 30-85
VertRefresh 50-100

(as mentioned at http://www.monitorworld.com/Monitors/sgi/gdm4011p.html)
in XF86Config-4 and try to run X, the screen blanks and then displays "Out of Scan Range". X doesn't die, though. The best I can do for the HorizSync line is 1-55.

What else should I try? Calculating ModeLines?


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