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Re: The Bit-Torent servers are so slow, just wondering why?

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> On Fri, Jul 29, 2005 at 11:01:00AM -0400, jimmckenzie wrote:

>>I'm trying to Download the 301r0a ISO's for the DVD's of Debian Linux for 
>>x86.  It seems to downloading at dial up speed and I have a Cable Modem 
>>that can do better 768.  It's no T1 but it's pretty dang fast.  Why is the 
>>download taking so long?  I'd rather D/L 2 DVD ISO's as opposed to 14 CD-R 
>>ISO's.  Bit Torrent is estimating that it will take about 5 days to 
>>download the First ISO, I shudder to think about the Second one.

>>What can I do to speed up the Download Stream?

    Ensure that the port that Bittorent is on (7000-7010 is the common range)
is connectable by the outside world through any firewalls you have.
Bittorrent is a tit-for-tat network.  IE, your speeds go up for a particular
torrent the more you send data out for that torrent.  If you're not
connectable it makes it extremely hard to make enough connections to keep data
flowing in both directions.

    Along the same vein make sure you're not limiting your upload bandwidth
too much or leaving it wide open.  If you can, setting about 80% the maximum
of your outbound bandwidth would yield excellent results.

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