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Re: Patching a Kernel

On Mon, Aug 01, 2005 at 04:44:09PM +0100, Jim Blake wrote:
> Sorry Guys...stupid newbie question, but I've been able to avoid doing this in 
> the past...
> Is there a good HOWTO available for patching a Kernel. I have a Debian 2.4 
> kernel, running in a Shuttle, and have identified a patch which should fix the 
> problem I'm seeing (""VDP error: cannot read Vdp Data" messages brought about 
> by incorrect checksums in the Ethernet adapter) and now I need to install it.
Patching is easy.  Typcially you want to unpack the kernel, apply the
patch (read the patch man page for details) and then configure the
patched kernel.

> As a side order...I maintain the system with Synaptic, but if I hack the 
> kernel, is there a way that I can build the new kernel into a package so that 
> maintenance doesn't become a series of kernel builds...again, pointers to a 
> HOWTO would be nice
How to build a kernel Debian-style:


> Thanks Guys
> Jim Blake

You're welcome,


Roberto C. Sanchez

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